EP 6: Insomnia Treatment at Home

“Discontinue electronics an hour before bed.” — Dr. Sara Whedon (03:19-03:21)   Are you struggling with a sleep disorder? This is most commonly known as insomnia. There are many natural ways to treat insomnia at home. Sometimes you need a...

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EP 4: Boosting Immunity (Actionable Steps)

  “Switch from mindless to mindful eating.”  - Dr. Rodney Hulbert (00:58-01:44)   Many people don't take their health seriously until they get sick. Luckily there are easy ways to boost your immunity and be the one in control. In this...

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EP 1: Reduce Inflammation in the Body

“You can bring the inflammation down by drinking more water.” - Dr. Sara Whedon (03:53-03:56) Ever been to a chiropractor? They offer many benefits. In the United States, we should be talking about preventive health more. A chiropractor and general...

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