“I always decide my serving size before I start eating.”

 – Sara Whedon (03:10-03:13)



It’s crucial that we carefully choose our snacks, most especially during the shelter in place mandate. We have to be healthy. However, most people associate healthy snacks with tasteless food. That’s not the case. And that’s why we invited Deanna Dahlinger to share with us the top three healthy snacks that you can safely indulge in these times.


It isn’t the first time that we will hear from Deanna Dahlinger. In our previous episode, she shared the five essential foods to grab from the grocery store. And this time, let’s add more to the list.


Part One of 3 Healthy Foods To Feed Those Cravings



  • Chocolates


Now, we don’t mean the Snickers bar, but we are talking about dark chocolates. If you must know, dark chocolate contains flavanols. According to studies, flavanols are beneficial to lower blood pressure, to improve the blood flow to the brain and the heart, and it can fight cell damage.


Make sure that you get at least 70% dark chocolate so you can reap the health benefits. The ideal serving size is about an ounce, a maximum of two.


Just in case you are having a sweet tooth, you can grab some bananas or strawberries, chop up some chocolates, and sprinkle it on top.


“Let the ingredients enhance your creative side.”

– Deanna Dahlinger (08:59 – 09:02)


  • Mixed Nuts


Mixed nuts can help us fix that craving for salty food.  Usually, you will have almonds, cashews, and peanuts. Or you can get ones with dried blueberries. The best serving size is about a quarter of a cup.


Whenever you buy in bulks, make sure that you don’t eat directly from the package. Instead, measure it so that you know you are eating just the right amount. Mixed nuts can give you the fiber and protein that you need. And the best part about this is that you can quickly get it from the local grocery stores.



Part Two of 3 Healthy Foods To Feed Those Cravings



  • Popcorn


You can either feed your salty cravings or your sweet tooth, depending on how you are going to make your popcorn. It’s easy to make. You just need your kernels, cook it on your stovetop, and add some coconut oil. Some are adding soy sauce, wasabi, and even red pepper flakes. Popcorn is versatile. As for the serving size, three cups is the right amount.


If you want to take it further, then you can mix popcorn, nuts, and dark chocolate altogether, and have the perfect healthy treat. You can be creative and still be healthy at the same time.


“We want to eat incredibly heart-healthy snacks.”

– Sara Whedon   (10:26-10:29)


Healthy snacks are advisable not just to boost the immune system, but also to help us keep our stress under control. Remember, always be mindful of the portions of your food. The more food in front of you, the more you would want to dive in.



About Deanna Dahlinger


Deanna Dahlinger is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. She works for Ascension Providence Hospital as well as runs her own virtual private practice. She started a blog a few years ago called Dee’s Daily Dish where she shares all of her healthy recipes, nutrition tips, and exercise routines. She is a huge nutrition nerd and she loves helping people understand the importance of eating healthy for their body AND mind. https://www.deesdailydish.com/

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