“Self-care doesn’t have to mean anything glorified.”

– Sara Whedon (09:31 – 09:34)


Before the lock down, most of us include spa sessions, gym visits, and hair treatments in our schedule. But because of the quarantine, we can no longer do that for now. However, this doesn’t mean you should stop taking care of yourself. In fact, this is the perfect time to do more for ourselves. But how can we do that?


In this episode, we have Eileen McNally from Applied Fitness Solution to give us some of the most practical tips on how we can take care of ourselves amidst the Coronavirus crisis.


Part One of 5 Self-Care Tips During Quarantine


  1. Meditation and Yoga


We need to sit with our emotions and accept whatever we are feeling. Remember, there’s no right way to feel because no one has gone through this. Meditation and yoga help in this process. You got to feel it to heal it.


We understand that sometimes we want to ignore our feelings, most especially if these are the negative ones. But the right way to deal with it is to embrace it.


  1. Exercise


When we say exercise, this means any movement. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to force yourself to run miles or to lift heavy weights.  You just need to move your body. Get outside, go for a quick walk, run, or even dance. Or if you want to join virtual workouts, that’s good too. Bear in mind that exercising shouldn’t be a punishment. It must be fun and enjoyable. 


“Go, feel, and be part of the elements.”

– Sara Whedon (05:20 – 05:23)


  1. Feel the Sun



You need to go outside and feel the sun and the surroundings. The fact is, nature is healing. Instead of listening to your playlist, hear the birds, and listen to what nature has to offer. 


And even if the elements aren’t in your favor, embrace it. If it is raining or the temperature is to low, go out and feel it. It’s a liberating experience to be part of the elements.


Part Two of  5 Self-Care Tips During Quarantine


  1. Call Your Families and Friends



There’s a lot of Facetime going around, and this is something that we must continue, even when things are back to normal. It’s just so fun to connect with your loved ones and laugh.


We all took interaction for granted before this pandemic. We all rush to do things one after the other. And right now, we realize the importance of social interaction.


  1. Pamper Yourself

Most of us need to cancel our spa treatments and hair salon visits. But that shouldn’t stop you from looking good even if you have nowhere else to go. You can still do your natural face masks, beautify those nails if you have the tools, or fix your hair.


Before this lock down, think why you want to look good in the first place. Isn’t it because you want to look a little bit more put together for yourself? You are not doing it for others. Now, why don’t you do the same at home even if no one sees you?   



 “We can figure ourselves out the most this time.”

– Eileen McNally (01:00 – 01:03)



For the longest time, we were made to believe that self-care should only be superficial. But this lock down has taught us different things, including how we can take care of ourselves in the simplest ways. It’s all about intention and asking yourself what do I need to do right now.



About Applied Fitness Solutions

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How do we do it? We’ve created a culture of collaboration rooted in caring. What’s that mean? It means we put the time and energy into getting to know each and every one of our members and we see them as a whole lot more than a simple fitness goal. When on-boarded at AFS, our team of coaches works side by side with you to both ensure you’re attending consistently AND doing the mental work required to change your habits. Here’s the truth, all the information you need to be healthier is out there, but it’s not being served to you through the lens of YOU! That’s what we do. You are so much more than a number on a scale, and we get that which is why we are more than fitness.

Over the years we’ve grown from one little storage unit, to a bustling Ann Arbor headquarters, a flourishing second location in Plymouth, and now a brand new 17,000 sq. foot location in Rochester Hills. Our success is and always will be thanks to the relationships we have with our members. We believe that everyone has it in them to make change happen, we’re just here to help extract that power. https://4afsfit.com/about-us/



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