“One of the things that we often love with our patients is that they get to lay on their stomach while they’re pregnant.”

-Dr. Sara Whedon (02:18 – 02:23)



Low back pain is a common problem for pregnant women. Frankly, it hinders soon-to-be mothers to enjoy the entire pregnancy. In this episode, we will share with you the reason why lower back pain happens and how you can avoid it.


Part One of Pregnancy



Let’s have a quick lesson about anatomy. When your belly starts to grow, you want to carry it without issues. But it will naturally stretch, and the angulation of the low spine starts to change so that it can support the additional weight. Just imagine yourself going to the gym and lifting weights. You certainly need support and reinforce the added load. 


“The win for not having low back pain is that all the other things that she has to focus on in life can take center stage.”

– Dr. Sara Whedon (03:43 – 03:50)



We’ve noticed from our patients that those who were active before pregnancy can adjust better than those who are inactive. It’s as if the body was already trained to carry the load. For most people, the case is different.


As the spine gets pulled to handle the weight of the baby, it starts to be in a position that it’s not typically trained to be. It gives pressure to the ligaments and the lower spine, which, of course, can lead to back pain.


So what could be one of the best solutions? Surprisingly, pregnant women should lay on their stomachs. 


Part Two of Pregnancy



Some people would not agree with this. After all, it’s almost nearly impossible for pregnant women to be in that particular position. However, it is possible. With the right tools and equipment.


“If you can have a mom lay on her stomach, even for five to 10 minutes, it unloads the spine in a useful way.”

– Dr. Sara Whedon (03:06 – 03:13)



There are many things you can do while you are pregnant to prevent back pain. With a simple chiropractic adjustment, you are also helping your body for smooth delivery.



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