“Discontinue electronics an hour before bed.”

— Dr. Sara Whedon (03:19-03:21)


Are you struggling with a sleep disorder? This is most commonly known as insomnia. There are many natural ways to treat insomnia at home. Sometimes you need a practitioner to help get to the bottom of things. In this week’s episode, Dr. Sara Whedon shares actionable ideas to treat insomnia at home and help you get on the right path.

Part One of ‘Insomnia Treatment at Home (Actionable Ideas)’

The most common causes of insomnia are stress and poor food choices. The end outcome is that we sleep poorly. Unfortunately for most people, the only time of the day that they get appropriate rest is when going to bed. For someone who finds themselves to be healthy, but they need a little extra sleep help, this is also going to be helpful.


“Eating a large meal before bedtime can irritate your body and make you feel bloated.”

— Dr. Sara Whedon (04:35-04:46)


Often, you can’t get your brain to shut off because it’s been overly stimulated. Discontinue using electronics an hour before you go to bed. The input coming from the TV or your iPad gets absorbed by the eyes. The brain has to process the information.

It’s that constant stimulus and the blue light that’s coming into the eyes. We don’t realize that blue light is getting absorbed by our eyes and processed by our brains because we don’t see it. If you’re a parent who’s struggling to have your kids discontinue electronics use before bedtime, you can help decompress.

Try storytime, read a book, or talk to them. You need to slow everything down to give your body a chance to acclimate to what you want it to do, which is rest, sleep, and gain some energy so that tomorrow can be a great day.


Part Two of ‘Insomnia Treatment at Home (Actionable Ideas)’

Sometimes people eat too late at night. What happens is they try and digest food while they sleep. When you try and digest food while you’re asleep, it takes away the energy that’s needed to help the body recover. Intermittent fasting is really helpful. We take a period of time, usually 12 hours, where you don’t eat any food. The sole purpose of the body is to regenerate, to recover, and help boost the immune system so you can start your next day doing great things in a calm manner.

If you find yourself eating a large meal before you go to bed, that can irritate the body. You can feel bloated, or like you’ve got indigestion before you go to bed. Not a real sign of insomnia, but it’s also going to keep you from going to getting a good night’s rest.

“Discontinue anything that’s super distracting and overstimulating.”

— Dr. Sara Whedon (07:38-07:41)


The natural path of the stomach once you eat is the left side of the body. When you start sleeping on the left, it allows your body the natural flow of food. It helps the food that gets stuck, it helps your body not have to work against gravity. It helps move digestion in the right direction.

Discontinue anything that’s super distracting and overstimulating. Don’t have any intense conversations, nothing overly emotional. Get rid of the excessively intense TV shows, not only for brain stimulation but blue light. Lastly, the right pillow will use to help you get a better night’s sleep. Use these tips as general guidelines to help you get on the right path.


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