“We have to find ways to stay successful and feel excited about what we’re doing.”
— Dr. Sara Whedon (02:19-02:26)


Nerve pain is anything that is nerve-related. Typically, this causes pain up and down limbs or the spine. It affects mobility significantly. It occurs for different reasons. Understanding the cause of nerve pain makes it easier for you to prevent the pain from coming back. In this week’s episode, Dr. Sara Whedon gives simple natural relief tips for nerve pain in the back.



Part One of ‘Nerve Pain in Back (3 Simple Natural Relief Tips)’



The pain that people most commonly have is related to the spine. The spine is sensitive because each part of the spine has nerves. Those nerves are responsible for carrying information to the brain, muscles, organs, and joints. When that information isn’t carried effectively to the brain, it causes nerve pain. The most important thing for you to know is that there are many ways to solve the problem. There are ways to prevent it from coming back in the future.



“We must aim not just to feel better but to stay better.”

— Dr. Sara Whedon (01:44-01:51)



Naturally, we talk about ways that we can be consistent and deliberate in our day. This helps us not only feel better but stay better. Because often, when nerve pain comes, it’s a sign that you’re doing something repetitive. You could be sitting all day long or playing sports. The list goes on. The challenging part for people is since we aren’t robots, we have to find ways we can do what we want to do. This helps us stay successful and feel excited about what we’re doing. The best people to work on the spine are chiropractors. When the spine is working appropriately, it sends appropriate signals to the nervous system. When the nervous system gets appropriate signals the function follows.

Where does that information go to? It goes to the brain, organs, joints, and muscles. If everything in your body is getting the proper signal, it means that everything is moving in a better way. Nerve pain often starts at the spine. It’ll leave long projections out to the arms and legs. People think that it’s an arm issue even though sometimes depending on the evaluation. If it’s coming from the neck, it can cause significant limitations on your day.



Part Two of ‘Nerve Pain in Back (3 Simple Natural Relief Tips)’



Start taking anti-inflammatory foods or supplements like turmeric, Boswellia, and ginger. These are super healthy ingredients for your body. This will help you get a little bit more proactive about what you’re doing. Specifically, it will make you calm and grounded so the healing can take place. When the healing takes place, inflammation goes down, which means you can go back to regular activity.

“Rest is purposely doing things in your day that allow you to relax and regenerate.” — Dr. Sara Whedon (07:43-07:48)

Another important thing is rest. Most people misconstrue rest for being unmotivated and not productive. Rest means concerted downtime where you’re not doing house projects. You’re not doing anything overly strenuous on the body so that healing can take place. See a chiropractor and let them evaluate you. They can determine if the spine is causing your nerve pain.

Sometimes we need to pause. We need to slow down what we’re doing. We need to make sure that we’re taking the time we need so that way the body can effectively regenerate. Then we can get back to doing what we want to do in an even better way than we could before.



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