“Switch from mindless to mindful eating.” 

– Dr. Rodney Hulbert (00:58-01:44)


Many people don’t take their health seriously until they get sick. Luckily there are easy ways to boost your immunity and be the one in control. In this week’s episode, Dr. Rodney Hulbert talks about boosting immunity, with actionable steps. 


Part One of ‘Boosting Immunity (Actionable Steps)’  

In daily life, you’re likely coming home with germs. This becomes part of our reality. It becomes expected, especially with kids at home. Your immunity determines your ability to fight disease. That’s the big challenge here. Your body must be aware of a contaminant process. It must know what that contaminant is and then manifest a defense against it. It sounds like work, but there are actionable steps that we can take.  


“You can have a lot of wonderful recipes that don’t require you to consume a lot of sugar.” – Dr. Rodney Hulbert (02:28-02:34)  


Thinking of diet, you are what you eat. If you like eating junk foods, your immunity will suffer. If you can’t say what’s on the food label, it’s probably not going to help your immunity. Sugar, it’s found everywhere. If you step away from candy bars and you look at cereal, if you look at bread, they’re all carbohydrates. They all break down to a form of sugar, which is inflammatory.  

Inflammation decreases the body’s ability to process with immunity. Choose foods wisely. Look at things like apples. Is there sugar? Yes. Should we eat ten apples? No. Should we drink a glass of apple juice? Absolutely not. Look at serving sizes, and you look at how much sugar is per portion. There’s a lot. 

Consider green leafy vegetables. You might not think they’re tasty, but when you get creative, they absolutely can be. With bell pepper and onion, you can make salads. You can cook them on the stove. There are tons of wonderful recipes that don’t require you to overconsume sugar. 

Be selective with food choices for your family. Be conscious about what you send them to school with. Be mindful of what you consume when you’re at work. Do you take lunch with you or do you eat fast food? Take these into consideration. They will have a profound positive impact on you.



Part Two of ‘Boosting Immunity (Actionable Steps)’ 

When we’re looking at immunity, look at sleep and fatigue reduction. Those are two different things. Some people don’t get the hours that they wish to sleep. They burned the candle at both ends. What is your routine when you’ve closed down for the end of the night? Have you closed down your laptops, put down your phone, and shut off the TV sounds? Get rid of all that blue light and irritation to the mind. Stop trying to keep the mind going. 


That’s the whole concept of sleep and fatigue reduction. Reduce fatigue by reducing what you take in through your mind. Reading is okay. It takes you to another place. It pulls you out of today’s worries. This allows the body to reduce fatigue. 


Let’s look at supplements. In today’s world, the diet that we consume, even a clean one, isn’t enough. Our diet lacks the necessary micronutrients to completely support the immune system. When the immune system is under attack, it’s consuming a ton of energy. 

 “When the immune system is under attack, it consumes a lot of energy.” 

– Dr. Rodney Hulbert (05:12-05:15) 


Energy is not only in the food we eat but also in micronutrients. This helps repair the body and puts emphasis on rebuilding tissue. Supplements are very specific to the individual. Don’t just grab something off the shelf at random. Yes, that can help with general health. But there are so many other forms of vitamins. Thus, being conscious of what you’re consuming is critical. Not only from the food that you eat. It’s what you consume, whether a drink or what you inhale.


If you are looking to reduce inflammation, chiropractic care has a profound impact on the nervous system, immunity and overall health. It feels great to be adjusted by a chiropractor with the technique and style you like. Treatment can be customized to your needs. 



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