“Your stress controls you or you control your stress.”

– Dr. Sara Whedon (00:32-00:34) 

There are many ways to improve your life. You can rise to heights you’ve never imagined before. All without putting immense amounts of time and pressure on yourself. In this week’s episode, Dr. Sara Whedon and Dr. Rodney Hulbert talk about life improvements for this year 2020. 


Part One of ‘Life Improvement (Natural Chiropractic Therapy 2020)’

Everyone is busy, and we face pressures in various situations. Maybe you’re getting married, you’re graduating with a degree, or you’re retiring. It is essential to manage stress in a way that doesn’t control you. You need to take control of your overall health. If you don’t manage it appropriately, it will manage you. 


“It takes a big commitment to improve your life and take control of it.”

– Dr. Sara Whedon (01:45-01:49) 


If you’re someone in the healthcare or medical industry, you probably encountered a lot of patients asking for advice. You want to make sure you are on the same page. You want to make sure that you’ve talked through cases. And that the decision for them is the one you are both 100% on board with.



Part Two of ‘Life Improvement (Natural Chiropractic Therapy 2020)’


There are steps to making that big commitment to improving your life and having control over it. Some of those are sleep and exercise. Rest is something that’s not negotiable. It’s often very undervalued. In terms of exercising, getting the right exercise for your body type and personality is critical.


“Scheduled downtime is one of the critical parts of lifestyle improvement.”
– Dr. Rodney Hulbert (09:36-09:38)


Your brain functions best when you get to rest. If you are not recharging for the next day, you’re showing up below par. Think of the daily stress of life, poor diet choices, and not getting enough water. These factors compound over time until you’re not who you want to be.

If you want seven to eight hours of useful sleep at night, you must set a one-hour deadline before you go to bed. No electronics, no TV, no cell phones. Force yourself to get some downtime. It doesn’t stimulate the eyes to overrun the brain as well. It may be a little bit challenging for those of you with kids and spouses. But you need to set boundaries to protect your health.

The best way to get to where you want to go in life is not to push. Plan more. Try taking a step back. Pause and let nature take its course. You may be someone who says yes to every person that asks you to do something. Although it’s nice to be a thoughtful person, there are times when you need to come from a place of rest. The universe responds to your perspective. If you’re seeing the world in an anxious way, guess what? You won’t get what you’re asking for because they don’t think you can handle what you’ve got right now.

When you come from a place of calm, you feel like you’ve got things under control. You’re ready for what the universe has to give you. You can evolve because you can handle what’s going on. You can manage your emotions in a way that shows the level of maturity needed to elevate yourself to the next step.


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