“You can bring the inflammation down by drinking more water.”
 Dr. Sara Whedon (03:53-03:56)

Ever been to a chiropractor? They offer many benefits. In the United States, we should be talking about preventive health more. A chiropractor and general fitness can help you feel great years down the road. In this week’s episode, Dr. Sara Whedon talks about reducing inflammation in the body, which is a lot easier than you think.


Part One of ‘Reduce Inflammation in the Body’

Whether you’re talking about chronic conditions like fatigue or poor sleep, or new symptoms, everything in the body comes down to whether we’re inflamed or not. If your house was on fire, would you be calling the fire department or would you be calling an interior designer? I’ll give you a minute to think about that, but it’s probably a pretty straightforward answer.


“Chiropractic helps make the nervous system function in an efficient way.”
– Dr. Sara Whedon (02:58-03:01)


You probably chose the fire department. If there’s an emergency, the fire department is going to help you immediately. When we talk about inflammation in the body, if it’s happening, nothing useful is going to come from your body – healing and sleeping correctly, digesting your food, thinking clear thoughts.

After healing, after you eliminate inflammation, then call the interior decorator. That’s where I come in. The interior decorator helps a situation where there’s nothing inherently wrong with your house. Inflammation, if treated as an emergency type situation, will require emergency type responses. You’ll be anxious continually, you’ll continue to be stressed, you’ll have sleep or digestive issues. We help keep your inflammation lower because we believe that your body is capable of being calm, cool, collected, and healthy.

We’re going to go through three of them today. Hopefully, you can start taking small snippets and add them to your everyday routine. I’m going to start with chiropractic. The number one thing that you can do to help bring down the inflammation in your body is getting adjusted. Our bodies need different things on  different days. Chiropractic helps make the nervous system function in an efficient way. The nervous system is responsible for all of the body systems that we have. When your body is operating efficiently, your nervous system can do what it needs to do. Everything works like a well-oiled machine.



Part Two of ‘Reduce Inflammation in the Body’

Your brain is communicating with your spine, which is communicating with your organs and your glands. A healthy spine makes these organs more efficient. Parents bring their kids to the chiropractor for various issues. They may not fully understand what you do in your office. But kids are doing much better; they’re not getting sick as often. Parents aren’t missing as much work. They’re getting more loving, healthy family time.


“We tend to migrate towards the food that uplifts our mood.”
–  Dr. Sara Whedon (06:44-06:48)


The second way to keep inflammation down is by drinking more water. Most of your body is water, not tissue or blood. When you’re not getting the appropriate amount of water, your body is running on empty. There’s only so much that your car can do when the check engine lights on. For most of us, simple things like dull headaches or brain fog are because we’re not drinking enough water. Drinking half of your body weight in ounces of water a day is critical. If you work out a lot this will change as well. When you talk to your healthcare practitioner, this is something that you want to mention.

If tomorrow you want to fundamentally fight inflammation effectively, start by drinking more water. The best way is a small water bottle that you can keep on hand. Keep it full and with you in the car. Just take small sips on it throughout the day. By not being super thirsty, you know that you’re setting yourself up for success. The body will detoxify and generate new tissue.

The third factor is your food choices. Don’t think you’ll be removing all of the fun foods from your diet. All I’m saying is by increasing more of the foods that reduce inflammation in the diet, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how great you’ll feel. Once you begin eating more consistently, you won’t think whether food is healthy or not. You’ll simply know how great you feel when you eat anti-inflammatory food. You’ll know how bad you feel when you eat inflammatory food. And you’ll tend to start migrating towards the food that uplifts your mood, which helps you sleep, which makes you feel great overall. Go see the chiropractor. Help the nervous system function so that the body can start healing the way it needs to.


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